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Updated: Feb 8, 2023

COGS stands for Cost of Goods Sold, which is a term used in accounting and finance to refer to the direct costs associated with producing and selling a product. COGS includes the cost of raw materials, direct labor, and direct overhead expenses that are directly tied to the production of a specific product.

Understanding COGS is important for businesses because it is a key factor in determining their gross profit, which is the profit made from the sale of goods or services after deducting the COGS. Gross profit is a critical metric for businesses as it indicates the amount of money a company has available to cover its operating expenses and reinvest in the business.

If a company does not accurately track and understand its COGS, it may price its products too low, resulting in lower profit margins and making it difficult to cover its expenses. On the other hand, if a company prices its products too high, it may struggle to compete with competitors and could lose sales.

Therefore, understanding COGS is essential for businesses as it can be the difference between success and failure. Accurate tracking of COGS enables businesses to set realistic prices for their products, improve their gross profit margins, and make informed decisions about their financial health and future growth.


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